Prestacycle Home Nitrogen Inflation system

An Affordable System

Automotive service facilities have machines for Nitrogen inflation, but those machines are too large and expensive for home use. Our inexpensive system works because you use inflation less frequently than a commercial shop. Our system safely stores Nitrogen at 2216 psi. A mid-sized 33 cubic foot cylinder is less than two feet tall and eight inches across, yet it can inflate up to 10 empty car tires or 120 empty bicycle tires before needing a refill. You can fill tires of all kinds including Cars, SUV’s, Light Trucks, RV’s, Lawn Tractors, Motorcycles, Bicycles and Scooters. After filling your tires, you now have a convenient system handy for immediate top-offs. If you already have Nitrogen filled tires on you cars, the system could provide 100’s of home top-offs before needing the system refilled. No more trips back to the dealer!

Mobile use?

Nitrogen tanks provide immediate tire inflation or top-offs anywhere without electricity. Lightweight alloy components combined with the light alloy cylinders we offer are easy and safe to transport when handled properly. Our smallest 6 cubic foot system takes-up very little space and the complete system with cylinder only weighs about 5 pounds. Perfect to carry in the corner of your your trunk, it’s even being carried on-board by light aircraft for easy top-offs at remote airports. Our 33 cubic foot cylinder is less than two feet tall and includes a convenient carry handle. We offer an optional quick-release vehicle mounting bracket as well.

How do I get Nitrogen?

We offer attractive, rust-free aluminum-alloy Nitrogen cylinders which are light weight and easy to transport. Please be aware our cylinders are shipped empty. Commercial shipping companies do not want to carry highly pressurized containers since they do not strap-down packages. You can also buy or rent cylinders from local gas suppliers. Generally those suppliers will provide painted steel cylinders. We recommend you check with different types of providers in your area before deciding on your options.

Prestacycle Alloy Cylinders

Part # N2 (CuFt) Service (psi) Height (in.) Diameter (in.) Weight (lbs.)
I6PRO 5.6 2216 15 3.2 3.6
I22PRO 20.1 2216 19.5 5.25 9.5
I33PRO 30.5 2216 19.2 6.89 15.6
I60PRO 55.4 2216 26.8 7.25 25
I90PRO 82.9 2216 36.5 7.25 36.5
I150PRO 156 2015 51.1 8 49.6

Should you Swap or Refill?

Cylinder refills

If you get our cylinders, you will want to do refills. Before you buy our cylinder, make sure you have a refill provider. (NOT a swap-out provider!) Cylinder refills are most often available from local welding suppliers and many welders. Refill costs are very inexpensive. Prices vary but should generally be around twenty bucks. Refills usually take only a minute or two, so many providers are willing to do it on-the-spot. The best place to start is a Yellow Pages Search for “Welding Supply”. When you first ask about refills, many are hesitant without more details. They may inquire why you wouldn’t rather swap tanks, and become even more hesitant when you tell them you have a new aluminum tank. With our tanks, simply state that you have “A new alloy cylinder with a CGA-580 valve that is DOT certified and stamped for inert gas”. If you’re still having trouble, contact Prestacycle Customer Service by email (, and provide your City, State and Zip. We’ll locate the best providers closest to you.

Cylinder swaps

Some larger gas supply companies may only offer to give you pre-filled cylinders. They will sell or rent to you the first cylinder, and then swap it for a full one each time you need a refill. They can also offer to deliver, a good advantage for higher volume use. Be aware that swap-only services means you will have a certified, but USED cylinder. Also know that they may not have swap-ready tanks available in the size you want at all times. Swapping is NOT a good option if you purchased our shiny new alloy cylinders. They will trade it for a steel tank that has been around. Please don’t be fooled if they tell you swapping is your only option. Many of our customers tell us these providers push hard to convince you their way is the only way. You can always contact us to help find a refilling supplier. Check here for your closest swapping supplier:

Why Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is Air – without the bad stuff. Air is about 78% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen with moisture and some other gases. Tires loose pressure because air goes right through the rubber. This is called permeation. The Oxygen in air escapes much faster, causing quick initial pressure loss. Laboratory guides rate the permeability rate through rubber of Oxygen at 23.3 vs. Nitrogen at only 9.43. Oxygen, CO2 and Helium all leak faster than Nitrogen. Oxygen is also reactive. “Oxidation” weakens, dries and cracks rubber. It can also damage Alloy rims and break-down sealants. Moisture can corrode valves from the inside causing problems with proper valve closure. All problems with regular air are accelerated by pressure. Nitrogen is the best solution. Nitrogen inflated tires maintain a more consistent tire pressure across different temperatures. Tire performance is more reliable and efficient when recommended tire pressure is maintained and heat is reduced. Most auto dealers recommend Nitrogen inflation exclusively for vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems to prevent heat-related pressure warnings from your vehicle.

One System, many Sizes

Our New Regulator is small, lightweight, yet durable. It has a micro-gauge that shows you how much Nitrogen is left so you’ll know when you need a refill. The body of the regulator twists to control flow rate. Twist all the way to the right and you can close it completely with zero flow. Turn counter clockwise from there to open the flow rate to the desired level for small tires or keep turning to increase flow for large tires. It’s perfect for portable inflation with any size cylinder. It’s also perfect for Shop use and works with the largest cylinders you can buy for professional inflation. We recommend Aluminum Cylinders for portability. We sell them on our Website and through our Dealers. Our Regulator is compatible with all steel Nitrogen cylinders as well. You can purchase any CGA-580 valve cylinder directly from your local Nitrogen refill provider. Our system is compatible with all North American cylinders rated for Nitrogen.

Nitrogen kit with red hose

Prestacycle Home Nitrogen Inflation system

The Prestacycle Nitrogen Inflation system brings affordable, portable Nitrogen inflation to consumers for use at home and while traveling. Our system is safe, easy-to-carry and easy-to-use for all your inflation needs. Perfect for your garage – carry it out to your driveway or yard. Our smaller systems can also be transported anywhere for race support, outdoor events and general inflation use.

All you need for a complete system is our Kit+Inflator… plus get a cylinder from us or your local provider. Find your local re-filler before selecting a cylinder. Search for “Welding Supply” in your area.

Nitrogen kit with red hose

Portable Nitrogen 6061-T6 Aluminum Cylinders

The Prestacycle Nitrogen Inflation system brings affordable, high volume nitrogen inflation to Home users, Repair shops and Pro-shop garages. Our system is suitable for all your inflation needs including Cars, Trucks, Bicycles, and more! Our system is safe and easy to use. Perfect for environments of all kinds. Use it to inflate anything you fill with air for faster more reliable pressure retention. Shops can use it to sell inflation or provide team or fleet operations support.